Semi-mounted range


The TWIST’AIR semi-mounted sprayer is available in 3 capacities: 600 L, 800 L and 1,000 litres. It can be fitted with the TWINMIST cannon and AIRMIST Duo diffusers or the VITIFIRST, VITISET (manual), VITIFLEX (hydraulic) arches. The semi-mounted vineyard sprayer offers unmatched manoeuvrability, especially for vineyards with headland constraints such as in the South East France. Equipped with a boom or an arch located at the rear of the tractor, the vineyard operator can be assured of giving the vines the best treatment. Installed directly on the tractor, overhang is significantly reduced for better stability of the tractor and sprayer assembly.


The TWIST’AIR semi-mounted sprayer adapts to the constraints of the winemaker: type of vine,plot size, etc.

Thanks to its different tank capacities (from 600 L to 1,000 L), TWIST’AIR meets the needs of all users. Its ultra-compact clearance and its multiple booms make the vine sprayer easy to use. The operation is simple and accessible. The BERLOGIC control panel groups together all the valves in the same place, at the front of the sprayer and on the towed tank. Everything is clearly indicated; the operator just has to look at the numbers to identify the different functions.

The TWIST’AIR semi-mounted sprayer is very easy to handle and very stable: regardless of the terrain constraints, it comes easily out of the plot

With a 90° turning angle, the TWIST’AIR semi-mounted sprayer is extremely manoeuvrable. Regardless of the headlands, vineyard operators can come out the vine plot with complete peace of mind. They can be assured of giving the vines the perfect treatment! The front/rear balance of the tank guarantees excellent stability on slopes and increased tractor grip.
The TWIST’AIR spray unit is fitted with feet so that it does not have to be placed on the ground or on pallets. It is easy to put back in place. Hitching and unhitching are done in complete safety.
The sprayer has a high ground clearance; lifting the unit at the end of the row is not necessary when the terrain is uneven.

The TWISTAIR semi-mounted sprayer incorporates the key technologies for a high-definition spraying

TWIST’AIR guarantees excellent spraying quality.
The AIRMIST Duo or Trio diffusers are used to spray lateral rows. The TWINMIST cannons spray the outer rows of vines. Due to their optimised air profiles and their double spreaders, the diffusers can cover large foliage heights, while ensuring efficient penetration. Mounted on ball joints, they are easy to adjust and adapt perfectly to all types of vines.
The SPEEDAIR Evo and SUPAIR Evo fan units guarantee winegrowers power, efficiency and low noise level. The reverse intake (on the front) is a guarantee of quality preventing spray mixture from being sucked back in.
For even more precise spraying, you should opt for DPM regulation (Output proportional to tractor engine speed).

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