Tracked spray units range


All vines deserve the best protection and treatment. The small BERTHOUD MINI or MINI-TRAC tracked spray unit is specially adapted to treat the most difficult-to-access vines. The tank has a volume of 125 litres. The unit is fitted with a distribution boom with 8 or 10 outlets depending on the model.


MINI and MINI-TRAC, invaluable allies for treatment on rugged terrain

With the MINI and the MINI-TRAC, BERTHOUD know-how is put to use in all vineyards, even the most rugged. The high-density polyethylene tank of this small spray unit has a capacity of 125 litres. The large filling hole and the drain valve make the MINI and the MINI-TRAC easy to use. The galvanised chassis of the machine is specially designed to be adapted on tracks (not supplied).

With MINI and MINI-TRAC, winemakers and winegrowers can treat their crops with peace of mind

Spraying operations are simplified with MINI or MINI-TRAC. Thanks to multiple filtration levels (3 for MINI and 4 for MINI-TRAC), the risk of clogging is limited. The MC 20/20 (for MINI, 20l/min; 20 bar) and MP 20/20 (for MINI-TRAC, 20l/min; 30 bar) diaphragm piston pumps are driven by a petrol engine (6 HP for MINI and 10 HP for MINI-TRAC)

The vineyard operator can be assured of giving vines the best treatment!

The effectiveness of the treatments is maximised thanks to the Airline fan unit and its 8 to 10 outlets with anti-drip brass nozzles. MINI has a 400mm fan unit. MINI-TRAC has either a 400 mm or 500 mm fan unit. The two fan units are equipped with polyester diffusers as well as air flow guiding fins in order to maximise the deposit of products on the foliage.

Constant pressure, sections, pressure gauge: everything is there!

Even in the most difficult-to-access vineyards, the operator can take advantage of the treatment comfort offered by constant pressure regulation. MINI features a distribution with 2 section valves while MINI-TRAC gives the option of 4 section valves. Thanks to the 0/25 bar (MINI) and 0/60 bar (MINI-TRAC) glycerine pressure gauge, users can adjust and monitor the pressure throughout the spraying operation.