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The small SPRINTER trailed sprayer from the BERTHOUD brand has been designed to meet the needs of mixed farming and livestock operations, as well as small-scale cereal farms. The SPRINTER sprayer has a tank capacity of 2,500 liters with a choice of boom width ranging from 18 meters to 24 meters. Compact and lightweight, the SPRINTER is a robust machine with an LHE steel frame. The implementation for the preparation of the spray mixture and rinsing is made easier thanks to its single-location placement. The E TECH control box is suitable for guidance, section control, and rate modulation. With a wide range of options to choose from, the SPRINTER meets all the user’s needs. Its small size, low weight, and compactness make it a machine that requires low traction power.


SPRINTER: Integration of 100% BERTHOUD Equipment for Optimal Compactness

The SPRINTER is a small-sized sprayer with low weight. It can be easily towed by a tractor with low traction power due to its compact design. This spraying device is robust, thanks to its HLE steel frame and high-density polyethylene tank. To ensure stability in the field and on the road, the SPRINTER’s center of gravity is placed as low as possible. It has been specifically designed for farmers who require a maneuverable machine, especially in tight spaces. The optimal load distribution and limited wheelbase (3.75 m) are the strengths of this sprayer. The SPRINTER’s limited tank height makes it a well-balanced agricultural trailed sprayer.

Customizable Options and Implementation for SPRINTER Users

The SPRINTER is designed to meet various farm requirements. To adapt to these constraints, the sprayer is tailor-made for each farmer. The SPRINTER comes standard with the GAMA piston pump, known for its durability and longevity. Its volumetric accuracy ensures precise regulation, and its oil bath mechanism minimizes maintenance. Several types of regulation options are offered: the DPM (engine speed proportional flow) is an accessible, cost-effective, and highly precise solution for speed variations of approximately 20%. Farmers can also choose DP TRONIC or EC TRONIC regulation. The choice of boom width is also essential, ranging from 18 meters to 24 meters, with options such as the ALS boom with AXIALE suspension or the MULTIS boom. The implementation is carried out using the BERLOGIC control panel, which consolidates all the sprayer’s functions in one place: filling, incorporation, agitation, and spraying. Adjacent to it, the retractable mixer is equipped with a hopper and container rinsing system. A wide range of options is available, allowing farmers to personalize their sprayer. The type of gauge can be selected, and optional features include sequenced bottom tank dilutions from the cabin (DILUNET or DILUNET Plus).

Precision Agriculture Compatibility: Easy Control of the SPRINTER

The compact trailed sprayer SPRINTER is equipped with the E TECH control box for easy operation. With a touch screen display, farmers can activate guidance, section control, and rate modulation. If necessary, advanced features can be unlocked. BERTHOUD GPS solutions come standard with an EGNOS receiver (free signal – accuracy: 15-30 cm).

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