Trailed range


The WIN’AIR trailed sprayer is available in 4 capacities of 600 L, 800 L, 1,000 L and 1,500 litres; and 4 types of booms: side-by-side booms with manual or telescopic spacing with ZNT-approved AIR DRIVE diffusers, VITIFIRST fixed arches, VITISET manual unfolding and folding arches and VITIFLEX hydraulic unfolding and spreading arches. In a rapidly changing world, vineyard operators need a reliable sprayer. With its compact design and innovative technologies such as AIR DRIVE, Simplified Driving Assistance (ACS) systems and best practice controllers (EC-Control or EC-Tronic with E-Pilot wireless joystick), WIN’AIR is the compact trailed sprayer par excellence for protecting all vineyards. It improves productivity and efficiency during spraying operations.


WIN’AIR, the trailed sprayer that adapts to all wide vines.

Thanks to its different tank volumes (from 600 L to 1,500 L), the WIN’AIR trailed sprayer adapts perfectly to the expectations and working methods of winemakers and winegrowers: maximum productivity with a compact spraying machine.
Three types of arches are available to meet everyone’s needs: the fixed VITIFIRST arch, the VITISET arch with manual or hydraulic opening or the telescopic VITIFLEX arch which offers maximum versatility in the vineyards. This is complemented by a return hand throttle to ensure an effective and targeted treatment. The exclusive TWINMIST and AIRMIST diffusers, developed by BERTHOUD, guarantee effective targeting regardless of the vineyard (Occitanie, Languedoc Roussillon, Vaucluse, PACA, Drôme, Ardèche, Tarn, Bordeaux, Gironde, Val de Loire, South-East, South-West, Beaujolais, Alsace, Champagne, Marne, Aube, Charente, etc.).
The AIR DRIVE technology that equips ABMost telescopic drop legs gives access to ZNT approval and includes the Pulvé Performance Label with 3 treated rows.

Winemakers can enjoy greater comfort and productivity: driving assistance (ACS), simplified operation, DPAE, etc.

Who said comfort is not possible with a spraying machine? The WIN’AIR range includes the BERLOGIC simplified operation panel as standard. Thanks to Driving Assistance (ACS), all it takes is one action to activate the sprayer. There is no need to wait for the sprayer to shut off and the boom to fold in at the end of the headland.

WIN’AIR is a high-performance sprayer: spraying power and high-quality application

Thanks to the Supair Evolution fan unit, WIN’AIR combines power, efficiency and low noise level. The high-performance, closed-centre impeller reduces noise and adapts the ventilation according to the desired spraying. Reverse intake (on the front) prevents spray mixture from being sucked back in. You can enjoy an enhanced quality of application and protect your vineyard sprayer.


    WIN’AIR is a reliable sprayer from BERTHOUD, the spraying expert: certification, operator safety, Performance Pulvé

    WIN’AIR vine sprayer is the result of close collaboration between user-customers (winegrowers, winemakers, agricultural contractors, etc.) and engineers from the BERTHOUD brand. User experience in vineyards is valuable and allows the BERTHOUD brand to perfect WIN’AIR to better meet the performance needs of its customers. WIN’AIR benefits from road approval and machinery directive since 2013 to ensure the complete safety for its users.


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