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The trailed sprayer VANTAGE is a sprayer from the DARK range by BERTHOUD. It meets all the requirements of a farm that desires to use high-end equipment equipped with the latest options. The tank capacity of the VANTAGE ranges from 2,800 liters to 6,700 liters. The steel or aluminum boom can measure from 24 meters to 44 meters. The VANTAGE is a machine designed with many essential features for cereal farmers, potato growers, or vegetable producers (industrial, large market gardens). The design and finishing of this sprayer are particularly remarkable.


The high-end trailed sprayer VANTAGE implements the best spraying practices.

The VANTAGE trailed sprayer has been designed using BERTHOUD’s experience as a foundation. The best spraying practices have been studied to offer a sprayer that meets the needs of farmers. The VANTAGE is equipped with the ACTIFLEX II axle suspension, the DUALMATIC implementation, and its motorized version, DUALELEC. The ACTIFLEX II suspension is a fully mechanical suspension with variable stiffness independent of the load. It requires minimal maintenance to provide real comfort and quality of work.

The DUALMATIC is an implementation designed to be simple and quick, with two handles controlling all 17 functions of the machine. An optional motorized version, DUALELEC, is available so that all functions can be activated from the control station and the cabin. The preparation of the spray solution and rinsing are done from the cabin to ensure work comfort and operator safety during spraying.

A catalog of options available to design a customized VANTAGE

The VANTAGE is designed to meet the constraints of each farm based on the area to be treated, the type of crops (cereals, potatoes, vegetables, etc.), and the farmer’s requirements. The buyer chooses their boom: a 2-arm steel boom or an axial 3-arm steel or aluminum boom. The VANTAGE is available with different tank capacities ranging from 2,800 liters to 6,700 liters.

The DARK range by BERTHOUD provides access to numerous options and services: :
– Continuous circulation for optimal spraying quality.
– PWM, pulsation spraying called SPRAYTRONIC.
– Nivomatic gauge with audible alarm or automatic shut-off.
– Service offerings such as BERTHOUD RENT leasing, extended warranty, technician-assisted start-up, and coverage of wear parts.

ISOBUS compatible, the VANTAGE is easy to operate

The VANTAGE trailed sprayer has multiple control units. It is up to the farmer to choose the one they prefer based on their usage:

EC TRONIC control unit, which displays the main spraying parameters.
Optional VT TRONIC control unit, which integrates all functionalities and options on a Trimble screen.
ISOTRONIC uses ISOBUS technology to connect to the tractor’s screen. There is no additional screen required. The entire spraying process, from implementation to rinsing, is controlled from the tractor’s screen, regardless of the brand. It is compatible with GPS systems, among others.

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