SNIPER Technologies

Ultra-localised spraying solution.

Sniper ultra-localised spraying technology

Today, agriculture faces many environmental, economic and societal issues. In order to improve the agriculture of tomorrow, we strive every day to find solutions that allow you to practise your profession in the best possible conditions. Thanks to years of work, field experience and agronomic trials with recognised external companies, we offer you a sustainable and legitimate solution from an agronomic and economic point of view.

La solution de pulvérisation ultra localisée

AI at the service of agriculture

SNIPER Technologies is an ultra-localised spraying system that uses
artificial intelligence that detects the target through real-time image analysis. Shapes, textures and colours are analysed so that only the desired target is sprayed. Pre-developed detection models are available to users to meet the needs of multiple contexts.

This technology significantly reduces the use of
plant protection products and the number of passes and thus reduces costs while minimising the impact on the environment.

Proven technology

This technology has been tested for 3 years with more than 10,000 ha
of agronomic trials in several European countries. This solution reduces TFIs by 45% to 85% for sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture..
SNIPER uses a system of cameras placed on the booms coupled with artificial intelligence that analyses the data in real time, detects and locates the elements to be treated on bare ground or in the crop. A control screen in the cab allows you to select the detection models and monitor the scanned and sprayed area in real time. Spray maps can then be exported to farm management software to centralise the data acquired.
Vantage équipé de la solution SNIPER Technologies
La solution spraytronic PWM pour une qualité de pulvérisation optimale

Different application modes

The detection can be Green On Brown, that is, the detection of
all green targets in the environment, or Green On Green, i.e. the detection of a green target in a crop. Two application modes are available.

With the ON/OFF mode, spraying is closed by default and opens
only when the target is detected. The nozzles are controlled individually.

In dual-zone weeding, 2 volumes/hectare values are recorded in the unit. Spraying is done automatically at dose 1, then at dose 2 only when the target is detected. This application mode is used to treat small targets.