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to meet all your needs

Sprayers, trailed sprayers, self-propelled sprayers, our range of equipment for large-scale farming covers all your needs, regardless of the size of your farm or your work habits. BERTHOUD offers a wide range of reliable, maneuverable, powerful sprayers capable of meeting the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s agriculture.

Comfort, practice safety, and work efficiency are essential in your profession. BERTHOUD offers a range of equipment designed for driver comfort, driving assistance systems for safety, and a wide choice of booms to ensure quality spraying.

Row crops Range

From small handheld devices to self-propelled vehicles, you will find the product that meets all your expectations.


Find our two small mounted sprayers PULVASOL and ALTO dedicated to your activities.


Discover our large mounted range designed to improve your productivity in just 4 clicks! The design of our mounted sprayers is the culmination of 120 years’ experience in spraying.


Completely renewed over the last 7 years, the BERTHOUD range of trailed sprayers benefits from the latest innovations in technology, working comfort and respect for the environment. Comprising 3 models, from the simplest to the most advanced, and available in 7 capacities from 2500 litres to 6700 litres, the BERTHOUD range of towed sprayers is one of the most comprehensive on the market in its category.


The agility of its new transmission makes for greater driving pleasure and optimises fuel consumption. Equipped with the latest technology, it makes spraying work safer and more comfortable, while maintaining excellent work rates.