Self-propelled range


The concept of RAPTOR self-propelled sprayers allows you to choose the machine equipped
with useful options for your farm to achieve your work output objectives with optimised use of plant protection products.
The DARK premium version offers a specific equipment pack along
with a DARK Privilège service offer. You benefit from DUALELEC 5 operation, continuous flow with pneumatic anti-drip and exterior washing as standard.



The RAPTOR is equipped with the latest technologies for optimal spraying precision
and intelligent crop protection. Several control units can thus be connected to the DPAE regulation system.
The EC TRONIC monitor permanently displays the main spraying parameters
(volume/hectare, speed, measured pressure, etc.), making it possible to control sections individually and monitor traceability (parcel, multi-user). This monitor is also compatible for GPS assistance (ISOBUS, Trimble, etc.) and allows certain options such as DUALELEC to be integrated.
The VT TRONIC monitor is a high-end ISOBUS terminal with a touchscreen.
It is used to manage the guidance, section shut-off and intra-plot dosage adjustment functions. Running on Android, you can install all the additional software you need, such as weather, precipitation alerts, cereal prices, etc.
All RAPTOR machines come with the E PILOT wireless joystick to
control the sprayer within a radius of 20 metres around the machine for maintenance or upkeep phases.
A whole series of optional equipment is available according to your needs,
such as SPRAYTRONIC pulse spraying, or even SNIPER ultra-localised spraying.


RAPTOR self-propelled sprayers have been designed to provide maximum
user comfort and handling. The mechanically welded chassis made of rectangular profiles is large by design for robustness and stability.
The machines are equipped with 4 directional drive wheels with
2WD, 4WD, 4 crab wheel and major slope corrector functions. This steering combined with BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic transmission will allow you to tackle all types of terrain calmly.
The range has a DEUTZ Tier 5F engine (217 or 245 HP).
Three speeds are available (0-19 km/h, 0-25 km/h, 0-40 km/h) and its 40 km/h approval is a boost to your efficiency.
Finally, RAPTOR adapts easily to different types of crops with
a variable hydraulic track (optional) and hydraulic ground clearance (optional on the 4,200 L model).


DUALMATIC ensures a simple and easy operation while limiting
residual volumes, in particular thanks to the staging of the valves. DUALELEC motorised operation from the cab or from the workstation controls all of the 17 functions of the machine (available optionally or as standard on the DARK version).
The induction device allows easy and safe filling for
the operator. The inductor tank is fitted with an offset handle for opening an additional valve for rinsing the hopper. Filling the tank is precise thanks to the NIVELEC digital gauge (standard on the DARK version), which can be coupled with the NIVOMATIC anti-overflow gauge.

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