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The CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit is designed and approved exclusively for New Holland 9000L tractors. Through their partnership, the two experts guarantee users an easy Plug-and-Play integration. The New Holland tractor and BERTHOUD spray unit assembly allows vineyard operators to improve their work output.
The CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit is available in 3 tank capacities: 1,800 litres, 2,500 litres or 3,000 litres (optional). Two types of booms can be fitted to the spray unit: INTENSIVE booms and EXTENSIVE booms.


The versatile CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit is designed for wide vines and for areas needing high yield

The New Holland 9000 tractor switches to spray mode in a snap! The combination with the CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit has been designed to be hitched and unhitched in less than 10 minutes by a single person and without tools. The operator enjoys improved safety and productivity. In addition, the tank’s exceptional capacity of up to 3,000 litres (optional) and numerous boom models (from 1.50 m to 3.60 m) make this spray unit the ideal companion for protecting your vineyard. The vineyard sprayer has been designed so that all controls are within easy reach. Spray controls are integrated into the IntelliView IV touchscreen and New Holland joystick.

Productivity and working comfort with the CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit: spraying at your fingertips

For the sake of simplicity and comfort, the Berlogic control panel brings together all the spray valves to allow winegrowers to perform the various functions very easily. Everything is indicated on the machine, no need to refer to the machine manual. The NIVELEC electric gauge instantly gives the exact quantity of product remaining in the tank. The operator enjoys improved precision and working comfort. The CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit integrates, as an option, the DPAE EC-TRONIC specially designed by Berthoud for its vine sprayers. It is not necessary to add an additional unit, because the DPAE EC-TRONIC is accessible from the IntelliView IV screen.

Driving assistance that makes all the difference for efficient high-yield spraying

Different booms are available to best adapt to the vineyard and the requirements of each winemaker: simplified manual spacing, telescopic or proportional spacing. With automatic driving assistance (ACS) systems, the operator can focus on the driving. A simple press on the New Holland Joystick is all that is needed for the spray unit to take care of the folding in the headlands. In addition, ground tracking automatically controls the boom height. The New Holland tractor and CRUIS’AIR 9000L spray unit assembly is the perfect combination for increasing productivity and comfort of use.

    CRUIS’AIR 9000L

    Precision wine-growing: the best spraying technologies at the service of operators and the protection of vineyards

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