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CRUIS’AIR 9070 – 9080N

The CRUIS’AIR 9070N – 9080N spray unit is designed and approved only for New Holland 9000N straddle tractors, in narrow vines. The unit can be integrated by Plug and Play. The New Holland tractor and BERTHOUD spray unit assembly offers vineyard operators a remarkable work output.
The CRUIS’AIR 9070N – 9080N spray unit is available in 2 capacities: 800 litres or 1,500 litres. The unit features hydraulic telescopic booms with EXTENSIVE proportional spacing.

The CRUIS’AIR 9070N – 9080N multipurpose unit is designed for New Holland 9000N straddle tractors and is suitable for narrow vines

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Plug & Play: easy and safe installation in a single block of the CRUIS’AIR 9070N – 9080N spray unit on the 9000N straddle tractor

Ultra-fast hitching in less than 45 minutes thanks to its all-in-one platform and its hydraulic and electrical compatibility/The tractor instantly recognises the Cruis’air spray unit on the Intelliview IV unit/Retractable ladder and work platform: comfort and safety – perfectly secure access to the filling hole; filling and induction facilitated/Simplified operation thanks to the Berlogic control panel, access to filters for cleaning in complete safety – everything has been thought out for the safety and comfort of the user/Good practices in action with the 200 L rinsing tank; rinsing of the booms without return to the tank and full rinsing with rinsing balls.

The CRUIS’AIR 9070N – 9080N spray unit is the guarantee of optimal spraying quality

Work in progress…

    CRUIS’AIR 9070N – 9080N

    The driving assistance that winemakers and winegrowers really need!

    Work in progress…


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