Sniper ultra-localised spraying technology
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The SNIPER Technologies solution is a comprehensive solution:


  • It includes a Carbon Bee Agtech detection camera equipment.
  • We have a dedicated team to support our clients from A to Z :
    • including customer needs qualification before sales
    • installation
    • technical support for each machine whenever needed
  • We also provide financing solutions such as Berthoud Rent.



It’s ready !

After 3 years of testing and 10,000 hectares of agronomic trials (in Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany), the SNIPER solution is ready. The commercialization has been launched!

In fact, the solution is already operational in Italy on a basil farm.


It works !

Thanks to the expertise of all the teams, the technology is integrated into well-controlled machines. This perfect integration is the key element of the final performance, and it is a unique expertise of Berthoud.

To ensure the success of this technology, the solution is supported by a dedicated sales and technical team.

The solution works in intercropping to detect green on brown. Moreover, and this is a world first, SNIPER can also detect green among green.

With years of field experience, we have observed a reduction in pesticide use ranging from 45% to 85%. However, the ultimate goal remains sustainable and societal benefits. This technology demonstrates the ability of French agriculture to anticipate and adapt. French agriculture is ahead, and Berthoud, as a French specialist, is proud to be the first globally ready.


Today, it is accessible to everyone !

The Sniper solution has been integrated into all devices of the Raptor, Vantage, and Alto range from Berthoud.